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Mori Sensei addresses 15th CFSM, Day-5: No. 31-08
October 9, 2008

Japan former Prime Minister Mori addresses FSM Congress

PALIKIR, Pohnpei. Former Prime Minister of Japan, the Honorable Yoshiro Mori was in Palikir recently where he addressed the 15th Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia.
The 15th Congress had, during its Fourth Regular Session in May, adopted Congressional Resolution 15-143, inviting former Prime Minister Mori to address a session of the FSM Congress.  Accepting the invitation and as a Special Envoy of the Government of Japan, former Prime Minister Mori was in the FSM from September 15 – 17, 2008.  
Upon arrival in the FSM, Mr. Mori visited the national leadership, especially President Emanuel ‘Manny’ Mori and Isaac V. Figir, Speaker of the 15th FSM Congress.
During Mr. Mori’s courtesy call on Speaker Figir, the Speaker acknowledged Mori Sensei’s prominent role in the strengthened bilateral relations between FSM and Japan.  Speaker Figir highlighted the extension of Pohnpei International Airport, the completion of Pohnpei’s Circumferential Road, completion of Ports in the States and the appointment of a resident Japanese Ambassador to the FSM, as undertakings successfully realized through the assistance of former Prime Minister Mori.   
Former Prime Minister Mori on the other hand, thanked the FSM Congress for the invitation to address the national body and acknowledged that for Parliamentarians and Legislators, an invitation to address a parliament or legislature is “the highest honor a legislative body can accord a person…” 
On the Tuesday morning, September 16 2008, Former Prime Minister Mori took to the floor to address the 15th FSM Congress before a Chamber crowded with officials from the State and National government, municipal government leaders along members of the traditional leadership of Pohnpei. 
The address by Former Prime Minister Mori began with expressions of appreciation for the invitations to address the FSM Congress.  An invitation that Mr. Mori happily noted, coincide with the 20th anniversary celebration of diplomatic relations between Japan and the FSM.  While 20 years is observed for the diplomatic relations between the two countries, Mr. Mori pointed out that the historical ties between the two countries however, span a much longer time-frame. 
Mr. Mori touched on the various economic programs and technical assistances from Japan to the FSM and those currently in place to further enhance the Japan-FSM relationship and noted with affection several programs of which he was personally involved, among which included: the FSM-Japan Youth Exchange program and the Japan-FSM Parliamentary Friendship League of which he is the current the Chairman.
Speaking on strengthening relationships, Mr. Mori also referenced the Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM), a program which has also enhanced the cooperation between Japan and the Pacific Islands. He especially noted that “since 1997, Japan has been hosting the PALM, continuously implementing its cooperation to the Pacific Island region and declaring our strong commitment to the region.”
Referencing the 20-years relationship between the FSM and Japan, the former Prime Minister thanked the FSM for its commitment and contributions to the development of Japan-FSM relations.  He then called on the nation’s leadership to explore further means of enhancing the FSM-Japan relationship for the next 20 years.  To this he offered, “the bilateral relation has various potentials and they may be similarly diverse to the question, but let me point out three.”
The three potential areas according to the former Prime Ministers are:
1. To deepen mutual understanding and exchanges between the younger generations of the two countries to strengthen the foundation of their future bilateral relations.  To this he underscored the importance of having both governments “cooperate and proactively encourage (such) movements.”
2.  For both nations to seek out new possibilities for bi-lateral and regional cooperation to address new and upcoming challenges to region, especially those on climate change;  and
3.  For Japan to share with the FSM its knowledge and expertise, painfully acquired through experience, to foster better cooperation in the field of disaster prevention.
Highlighting those potential areas in the FSM-Japan relations, Mr. Mori said that “as Chairman of Japan-FSM Parliamentary Friendship League, I would like to continue to exert my efforts for the promotion of bilateral relations.
“I would like to ask for your kind cooperation,” noted Mr. Mori.
Mr. Mori then spoke of his affinity with the FSM as a ‘personal relationship’ that began during his childhood.  His father Shigeki Mori had shared, almost daily, touching stories of Micronesia and Toleisom in the State of Chuuk where he was based during World War II.  He recounted that he grew up listening the stories of Chuuk and Micronesia.
The former Prime Minister concluded his statement by highlighting the need for the two nations to further strengthen their relationship.  He said, “Japan-FSM relations have various potentials. 
“As Chairman of Japan-FSM Parliamentary Friendship League, I would like to continue to exert my efforts for the promotion of bilateral relations.  I would like to ask for your kind cooperation.
Lastly, I would like to close my speech wishing for further development and further prosperity of Japan-FSM relations,” concluded Mori. 
Mori Sensei concluded his address to Congress left the Chambers in preparations of his trip to Chuuk later that day. 
Mr. Mori’s message was broadcasted live throughout the nation through the assistance of FSM Telecommunications Corporation and Calvary Baptist Radio. 
Congress went back into session and concluded its proceedings of Day-5, and went into recess for the next two days to allow Congress members to accompany Mori Sensei to Chuuk where he will officially wrap up his visit to the FSM.
Chairman of the Chuuk Delegation, Tiwiter Aritos, headed the delegation from Congress and is comprised of the following, Floor Leader Joe Suka, Senator Setiro Paul, Senator Moses A. Nelson, Senator Peter Sitan, Senator Tesime Kofot, Senator Dohsis Halbert and staffed by Lynn Narruhn.
The provisional translation of Mori Sensei’s speech is available at: www.fsmcongress.fm  
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